Trainers Resources

“Memes”—Images with Quotes—Available for Use

ImplicitBeliefsImages with quotes are available for trainers to use in their communications free of charge.

These images often have quotes from Ron Kurtz or quotes that share the principles of Hakomi. See the example on the right. These images are sometimes called memes, for short.

Trainers are welcome to use these images on:

  • Websites and marketing materials
  • Email newsletters
  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms

They are created by volunteers with Vancouver Hakomi and volunteers with Hakomi Education Network.

Translated versions are also available. (If you are open to helping translate the images, let us know.)

They images are stored in a Dropbox folder. The community can talk about the images in Slack in the #imageshakomi channel.

If you want to use the images or have questions about them, email us.

Videos of Full Sessions

Recordings of full sessions are available for certified trainers to use for training purposes.

The videos are not posted because the clients and practitioners in the recordings do not want the videos distributed. But the clients and practitioners have generously agreed to allow trainers to use the recordings for teaching purposes.

The videos are stored in a Dropbox folder.

If you want to use the videos in your training, email us.