Yumi Abe

Practitioner and trainer
Tokyo, Japan

Practitioner and Trainer in Tokyo, Japan
Associated with Japan Hakomi Education Network

YumiYumi Abe began her work with Ron Kurtz and Hakomi in 1998 when Ron offered
the first Hakomi training in Tokyo. She started working with Donna
Martin in 2000 when Donna taught her first Hakomi training in Japan.

Yumi has taken part in many Hakomi trainings in Japan, Canada, the U.S.,
and Mexico.  She was certified as a Hakomi Therapist in 2001 by Ron. In
2013, Donna certified Yumi as a Hakomi Trainer.

By profession, Yumi is a speech and communications therapist, working
especially with autistic and developmentally challenged children and their parents.
She finds that her Hakomi skills make her more effective in her work as a
communications therapist while her professional communications skills make
her Hakomi therapy even more successful.

Yumi Abe has a private Hakomi practice in Tokyo and welcomes new clients.

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