Wendy Wildfong

Practitioner and teacher
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hakomi practitioner and teacher
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Associated with Hakomi Ontario

Wendy-WildfongWendy has been a certified Hakomi therapist for 30 years. She trained in Boulder, Co. with a group of Americans, Germans and Canadians. We were the early beneficiaries of Ron Kurtz’s profoundly innovative body/mind therapy method. His ability to attract talented therapists to assist in teaching his experiential approach and evolve its theoretical base enriched that intense learning experience and endures in the quality and diversity of the teaching-staff to this day.

After extensive training in traditional and Modern Psychoanalysis, Wendy remembered her connection with and need for the open heartedness of Hakomi. She was blessed to find the loving presence of Donna Martin and Flint Sparks to meet that need in the evolution of the “refined” version of Hakomi and the Practice of Loving Presence.

The integration of Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Assisted Self-Study and the spiritual dimension of meditation has become the focus of Wendy’s work. She is also interested in the group dynamics of the Hakomi way: in psychotherapy groups, sanghas and in the context of therapist training.

She has been in private practice in Toronto since 1979.

Contact Information

+1 (416) 535-4709