Victoria Gaughan

Practitioner and teacher
Nether Edge, Sheffield, UK

Hakomi Teacher and Practitioner
Nether Edge, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Vicky MagicSetting off first as a post Reichian therapist in the late eighties I have journeyed well, both in an experiential & academic way and reached Masters level. My journey however, has not just reached height. I have experienced depth & breadth. Body is the thread and body is what led me to Hakomi. Hakomi is truly holistic and therefore holds all aspects of our being at heart.  And so, I see myself as a wholehearted practitioner who can travel far & wide with the people I work with.

Qualities that Chogyam Trungpa was known to uphold were “warmth and wakefulness”, and along with a relaxed, patient, calm, compassionate, kind and respectful demeanor, I practice and model this method in my role as teacher.

It a privilege to sit in training circles and I find nourishment in witnessing people growing; I feel as much the recipient as the giver and continue to grow as both practitioner & teacher.

Contact information
0795 1872 366