Trudy Johnston

Practitioner and trainer
Lancaster, Northwest, UK

Hakomi practitioner and trainer
Lancaster, Northwest, United Kingdom

Trudy-Johnston-180My initial therapy training, in 1992, was in Polarity Energetics where I was informally introduced to the ideas of Ron Kurtz and the Hakomi Method. I loved the approach and was then fortunate enough to be involved in the first UK training of the Refined Method commencing in 2001, with Donna Martin, Bob Milone and Flint Sparks.

For me Hakomi is a wonderful blend of my life long passions of finding ways to be fully embodied and living wholeheartedly. It’s amazing to me how much Ron and his collaborator’s findings dovetail so precisely with what we are learning through scientific research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity about what supports change and healing.

I taught counselling in Higher Education for 20 years and now focus on my private practice where I offer therapy, supervision and trainings on, amongst other things, trauma, resilience and mindfulness. I teach Hakomi in Lancaster, Sheffield and Ireland. I am also trained in IFS and Person-Centred Counselling.

With my partner I host a Zen meditation group, and my mindfulness practice underpins how I see movement towards wholeness and the relief of unnecessary suffering in therapy and beyond.

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