Stacy Lewis

Hakomi practitioner and trainee teacher
Seattle, Washington, United States
Associated with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network

Stacy-Lewis-180Stacy Lewis, CHT, is a Hakomi therapist and teacher in training. She is certified by the Seattle Hakomi Education Network as a Hakomi Therapist and is licensed in the State of Washington as a Hypnotherapist. She came to Hakomi in 2008 as a new mother, and two years later began her studies as a therapist. After she was certified in 2013, she began her teacher training. In Hakomi, she has found the synthesis of many of her pursuits: mindfulness, nonviolent communication, mind-body holism, and an experiential understanding of how humans develop and deeply bond with one another. She lives in a cohousing community with her husband Rom, where they homeschool their two boys and enjoy the woods, the beach, and each other.

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