Robert Bageant

Practitioner and senior trainer
Taiwan and China

Hakomi practitioner and senior trainer
Taiwan and China
Associated with Taiwan Hakomi Education Network

robert-bageant-v2Rob Bageant MA was trained in the Hakomi method by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin. He is a founding member of the Seattle branch of the Hakomi Education Network. In 2008, Rob moved back to Taipei on a personal mission to establish the Hakomi method in Taiwan and China. He currently maintains a private counseling practice in Taipei and teaches Hakomi courses in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Rob takes great joy in the learning to live across cultures and finds Hakomi’s synthesis of Eastern and Western wisdom to be a perfect match for the life he has chosen. He carries deep gratitude for the healing and growth that Hakomi has brought to him and is committed to sharing this gift with others.

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