Miles Springer

Practitioner and trainer
Seattle, WA, USA

Hakomi practitioner and trainer
Seattle, Washington, USA
Associated with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network

Miles for IHEN cropped 180Miles Springer is a Hakomi Trainer, Hakomi teacher, and a Hakomi therapist, all with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network. He came to Hakomi as a client in 2006, became a certified therapist in 2011, certified as a teacher in 2014, and certified as a trainer in 2015. He currently teaches level l workshops in several locations, assists at level ll trainings, and coaches other Hakomi therapists, and gives his time and energy to creating a thriving Hakomi community in the Seattle area. After thirty years with the ferry service, he retired as a captain, which enabled him to devote more time to his own healing and to begin to support the healing of others. His long-time commitment to self-work- which continues today- and broad experience in many modalities make him approachable, real, and flexible. Credibility, intuition, and empathy are his touchstones.

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