Maya Charney

Practitioner and teacher
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hakomi practitioner and teacher
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

mayacharneyMaya Charney, MA, licensed psychotherapist developed her distinctive approach to therapy, which encourages healing and transformation through presence and embodiment.

She earned an M.A. in Somatic Psychology, a study of the body-mind interface, from Naropa University (Boulder Colorado, 2000), known for its unique bridging of Buddhist teachings with modern Western psychological principles.

She is also a certified Hakomi practitioner (2010) and Hakomi teacher (2012). The Hakomi Method is in alignment and integrated into Maya’s psychotherapy practice.

Maya Charney is a licensed psychotherapist recognized by L’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec and a member of the SQPP (Sociéte québecoise des psychothérapeutes professionels). She can write insurance receipts as a psychotherapist.

“Therapy is a collaborative process, and ultimately one that is meant to be empowering for clients. While people are coming to me with situations and states of mind and body that are causing them distress, I am also looking to see what inspires me in each of them. I encourage clients to slow down to be able to feel or listen to themselves attentively and with curiosity, which often provides them with unexpected clarity. Some of my clients discover that therapy can also be playful, enjoyable and enlivening. For individuals, groups or couples, I offer a space for transformation to take place.”

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