Lynn Morrison

Practitioner and senior trainer
Seattle, WA, USA

Hakomi practitioner and senior trainer
Seattle, Washington, USA

lynn_morrisson_colorOriginally trained as a cultural anthropologist, Lynn Morrison, MA, CHT is currently a mindfulness-based psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is a founding member of the Hakomi Educational Network, and a senior partner in the Seattle Hakomi Educational Network (SHEN).

Her practice includes individual and couples counseling, as well as a mindfulness-based writing practice, a Hakomi Study Group, and a soon-to-be launched blog on Living the Hakomi Way. She was certified by Ron Kurtz as a Hakomi Practitioner, Teacher and Trainer, and more recently was named as a Senior Trainer.

Lynn has taught introductory and advanced Hakomi workshops with SHEN and with Ron Kurtz, and is certified to provide supervision to intermediate and advanced students. She has been teaching for fourty-five years, including professional training in business and government, college and university courses, and extended experiential learning programs.

Lynn has been a serious student of Theravada Buddhism for the past thirteen years, and is excited by the rich concurrences that exists between the recent work of neuroscience and the ancient teachings of “the middle way”. She finds nourishment in silence, poetry, nature, and deep connections with family, friends, clients and colleagues.

Her passion is to provide options that decrease suffering and increase sanity in a time and culture where both are sorely needed. The theme of her practice currently is supporting kindness: noticing the ways in which we are not kind to ourselves (or others) –and creating space and awareness – in whatever way works for a particular client, whether that be breathing, walking in nature, writing, somatic presencing, movement, artistic expression or simply silence.

Lynn lives on a hill overlooking the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains with two rambunctious dogs and her high school sweetheart. She has two amazing grown children, three step-children and six grandchildren.

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