Laura Taylor

Practitioner and teacher
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hakomi practitioner and teacher
Victoria, BC, Canada
Associated with the Vancouver Hakomi Education Network

LauraLaura has been studying Hakomi with Vancouver Hakomi Educational Network since 2004. Her teachers have included Donna Martin, Jeff Chernove, Georgia Marvin, and Bob Milone.

During most of her years of Hakomi, Laura focused on personal growth and integrating the principals of Hakomi into her life. More recently she became a Hakomi teacher (2015) and began assisting at Hakomi trainings.

Laura is also a marine biologist who loves nature. She has always been interested in how science can, and should, expand beyond its traditional boundaries and combine with other ways of seeing the world to create a more complete picture. Laura welcomes anyone interested in Hakomi in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to contact her.

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