Kristen Stroud

Mount Shasta, CA, USA

Hakomi practitioner
Mount Shasta, California, United States

Kristen-Stroud-180I have lived, loved, and worked in the Mount Shasta region of far Northern California since 1989 — formally as a Wilderness Ranger, and currently as a Hakomi Practitioner, Mindfulness Facilitator, and Parenting Educator. Although I discovered Hakomi in 1990 while studying counseling psychology in graduate school, I did not begin the life-changing training with Ron Kurtz until 20 years later, shortly before his death. I love how Hakomi actualizes the experiential path to self-directed neuroplasticity through applied mindfulness. I am committed to assisting anyone with the curiosity and willingness to experience more loving presence, joy, satisfaction and freedom within themselves, in their relationships, and in their lives.

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