Katie Askew

Practitioner and trainer
San Juan Island, WA, USA

Hakomi practitioner and trainer
San Juan Island, Washington, United States
Associated with Vancouver Hakomi Education Network

Katie-Askew-180Katie has been studying Hakomi with Vancouver Hakomi Educational Network since 2004. She has studied under Bob Milone, Jeff Chernove, Georgia Marvin, Marcia Burton, Donna Martin, and Ron Kurtz. She became a certified Hakomi Therapist in 2007 and began teaching in 2011.

Katie brings with her an attitude of openness and support. Her joy and love are visible and infectious. A student of self-discovery for over 30 years, her curiosity and deep appreciation for learning more about herself makes it easier for others to self-study.

Contact Information

1 (360) 378-2914