John Hillman

Practitioner and teacher
Sheffield, UK

john-hillmanHakomi practitioner and teacher
Sheffield, UK

John was certified by Ron Kurtz as a Hakomi Practitioner in 2007 and as a Hakomi Teacher in 2009.   Since 1995 he had been working as a body-psychotherapist having trained in the post-Reichian method called Energetic Integration. From 2001 he helped to manage the re-introduction of Hakomi trainings into the UK – the main trainers being Donna Martin and Bob Milone – and he subsequently worked with Ron in Ashland and with Bob & Marcia on Salt Spring Island. Prior to all this, John, following his English Literature degree at Oxford University and his Masters at Manchester University, had spent 21 years as the Headteacher of a special school providing for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Now as a Hakomi therapist, John works with individual clients face to face and through skype. He also works with couples. Additionally for more than 20 years he has worked as a therapist at the Cavendish Centre for Cancer Care in Sheffield.

John is a full member of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy.

A major change of direction took place after 2009 when John first met Kim Rosen, poet, author and spiritual teacher (  The years of working intensively with her now see him standing alongside her as her Assistant on retreats and trainings in California, Canada, Ireland and the UK. This work calls on John’s first love, the speaking of poetry, as well as his extensive experience of different traditions of spiritual direction. John’s passion is to bring together the insights and tools of Hakomi and Kim’s unfolding vision of poetry as a portal to transformation within a Soul School. John seeks to foster the development of a Guild and network of those who work with her.

John is a member of the Sangha established and overseen by Flint Sparks, Zen Priest and Hakomi Legacy Holder, which is based in Sheffield.  He attends Flint’s retreats in the UK and Switzerland.

Contact information
+44 114 2584241