Irina Soloveva

Moscow, Russia

Hakomi practitioner
Moscow, Russia

“What I like about the Hakomi method is its philosophy component as well as its depth and efficiency. In today’s world the idea of unconditioned love and acceptance is of great importance for everyone. Love is healing in itself.”

Irina Soloviova is from Moscow, where she was born and raised in a multicultural Russian-Georgian family. Her professional background is psychologist and teacher of psychology; she holds a Master’s degree from Russian State University for the Humanities.

She is a practicing therapist trained in Body psychotherapy, Art therapy, Psychosynthesis, Therapy of addiction, Bodynamic Analysis, Hakomi method. Her certifications of practitioner and supervisor include diplomas from the Russian Association of Body Psychotherapy (Russia), Biosynthesis Institute (Switzerland), Bodinamic Institute (Denmark), International Hakomi network.

Irina started her practice in 2003; she does individual and group therapy. Along with private practice, she works as a trainer in the Institute for Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (Moscow, Russia). She is also the program director and trainer of the Body-oriented Psychotherapy program in the Institute for Counseling and Systemic Solutions (Moscow, Russia), co-organizer and assistant in Georgian Program for Biosynthesis (Georgia).

Irina is a member of ЕАВP and IFS (as part of the Russian branch of EABP and IFB). She is a co-founder of the Caucasian Association of Body Psychotherapy with headquarters in Georgia.

Irina had published 6 books, among which are such bestsellers as “Who Are We Really? The Subconscious Body Image”, and “Using the Tarot Court Cards in Psychotherapy: Male and Female Archetypal Images”. She also authored several hundred articles for journals, such as Nasha Psychologija, published in Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Her hobbies include reading, bellydance, traveling.

Contact Information
+7 910 4550445