Inge Mula Myllerup-Brookhuis

Practitioner and trainer
Carrollton, Georgia, USA

Hakomi practitioner and trainer
Carrollton, Georgia, United States

inge-myllerup-brookhuisInge Mula is a Licensed Professional Counselor and yoga teacher in full time private practice at “the zenter” in Carrollton, Georgia. She has a M.A. in psychology from the University of West Georgia, and a Ph.D. equivalent degree in psychology from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Specializing in experiential body-mind-spirit integrative therapies, she is trained and certified in Hakomi therapy as a therapist, and trainer, and is also trained as NLP practitioner, EMDR practitioner, Employee Assistance Professional, yoga therapist, Internal Family systems therapist and assistant trainer, and Psych-K practitioner.

In affiliation with the University of West Georgia, she is currently doing experimental research on neuropsychological effects of Mindfulness based psychotherapy, and is writing up a pilot study on Hakomi Refined psychotherapy and brain wave patterns as measured by Quantitative EEG. Dr. Ron Kurtz is collaborator in this study.

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