Hugh Smiley

Practitioner and teacher
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hakomi practitioner and teacher
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


At a young age, Hugh’s intention to give bodywork was first activated by his father’s healing hands. Then his mother coached him as he learned music through the piano. During university years, spiritual and metaphysical studies quickened his heart and mind and interest in esoteric astrology was born. Years later, while living among indigenous peoples of South America, he began to meditate in nature and was inspired to begin a healing practice combining the use of shamanic chanting with bodywork. This led to the evolution of the Korason Method and the Authentic Voice and Dialogue Workshops.

In 1979, Hugh met Ron Kurtz, the founder of the Hakomi Method, in Florida, and over the next few years became certified as a therapist and teacher in this method of somatic psychotherapy and applied mindfulness, going on to teach Authentic Voice and Hakomi in 10 countries and 4 continents. Before returning to Canada, a vision came to establish a holistic healing centre in the country. This manifested in 1988 as Heartsong Hill, a 50-acre forested retreat on Georgian Bay. After 8 years of transformative learning and teaching experiences there, he moved full-time to Toronto and offers sessions in psychotherapy, creative voicework and meditation coaching. In 2007, Hugh completed a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Toronto and continues to explore how interpersonal and international dynamics are related and mutually enlightening.

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