Elena Zhatko

Moscow, Russia

Hakomi practitioner
Moscow, Russia

I noticed many times that animate beings had a lot of internal beauty, wisdom, harmony, soulful warmth and unconditional perception of other living beings. I got acquainted with Hakomi technique in 2012 when Caroline Braham was teaching it, and I found it very helpful for people to recognize their inner life and put it into some order.

I admire Hakomi for its delicacy and refinement of healing the heaviest traumas.

I have been practicing art-therapy since 2002 and body-oriented therapy since 2011. Since 2015 I have been attending seminars on somatic resonance in trauma healing given by John Ingle. In 2016 I got certified as Hakomi Practitioner. I assist Hakomi trainings in Moscow and hold trainings on consciousness and loving presence. Hakomi has been applied by me in healing bereavements, traumas, psychosomatic diseases, in consultative work with people affected with neuroses and with couples. Consultancy sessions are hold either face-to-face or online. I represent Hakomi method in Russia.

I have Ph.D degree in Social Psychology and teach at Moscow University for the Humanities.

I express my gratitudes to Caroline Braham for bringing Hakomi to Russia and to Donna Martin for unforgettable experience.

Contact Information

+7 916 6369253