Donna Martin

Legacy holder, practitioner, and senior trainer
Kamloops, BC, Canada

Hakomi legacy holder, practitioner, and senior trainer
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Donna-Martin-180Donna has been a yoga teacher since the 70’s and first met Ron Kurtz at a retreat center where she was teaching yoga and he was teaching Hakomi. Both had been influenced by the Feldenkrais method and by Buddhism, and recognized a similarity in their styles. Donna worked closely with Ron during the development of his “refined” version of Hakomi and the Practice of Loving Presence. She and Ron worked on the latter for more than fifteen years and Donna has recently published four e-books on the Loving Presence material they co-created … A fifth e-book is forthcoming, on Loving Presence for Bodyworkers.

Donna has been a senior Hakomi Education Network trainer in North America, England, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Hawaii, Israel, and Buenos Aires. At present she is mentoring new trainers and offering Hakomi consultations on Skype. She is also offering retreats in Canada ( and Hawaii ( teaching her original version of Hakomi with a strong yoga influence, which she calls psoma yoga therapy. Donna has written several books, including Seeing Your Life through New Eyes (with Dr. Paul Brenner), Simply Being (with Marlena Field), and Remembering Wholeness. She is also the author of the chapter on Hakomi in a new book called Inner Life in Daily Life.

Contact Information
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