Dave Cole

Practitioner and senior trainer
Seattle, Washington, USA
Associated with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network

IHEN 180 Dave croppedDavid Cole, B.A., LMP, CC, and a Hakomi therapist, teacher, and senior trainer is a founding member of the Seattle Hakomi Education Network and the Hakomi Education Network. Co-author of Mindfulness Centered Therapies: an integrative approach, a contributor to the Hakomi Forum and Hakomi Mindfulness Centered Somatic Psychotherapy, a comprehensive guide to theory and practice. He also produces training videos including Tom with Ron Kurtz. As a certified counselor and licensed massage therapist, he synthesizes Hakomi with Internal Family Systems and Focusing in his practice and leads workshops and trainings in Hakomi with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network. He is also a member of the Hakomi Institute.

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