Danielle Laferrière

Practitioner and trainer
St. Sauveur, Quebec, Canada

Hakomi practitioner and trainer
St. Sauveur, Quebec, Canada

Danielle-Laferriere-180Danielle Laferrière, osteopath, DO, MROQ, works as a body-mind therapist, a teacher of mindfulness, Qi Gong and Chinese Energetic for over 25 years. She gave workshops in France, Costa Rica and Quebec. She is a certified Hakomi therapist trained by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin and a Teacher of Hakomi in Quebec. She has a degree from the Fine Arts School of Montreal, and studied Art Education and Theater at UQUAM. Danielle lives with her husband Hersh Gottheil near St-Sauveur (45 min. from Montreal), where she teaches Hakomi with her partner, and has her practice in a workshop space at the edge of the forest. She sees the Hakomi method as a thread that ties oriental wisdom together with current western appreciation of how mind and body relate.

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