Carol Ladas-Gaskin

Practitioner and senior trainer
Seattle, WA, USA

Hakomi practitioner and senior trainer
Seattle, Washington, United States
Associated with Seattle Hakomi Education Network

Carol photo IHEN 3 finalCarol Ladas-Gaskin, MA, CC, LMP, is a Hakomi therapist, teacher and senior trainer, certified by Ron Kurtz, and licensed as a Certified Counselor in Washington. Founding member of the Seattle Hakomi Education Network and the Hakomi Education Network, a member of the Hakomi Institute and a Clinical member of the USABP, she is also a certified Progoff Intensive Journal Consultant. She is the author of Unfurling, a poetry book, and co-author of Mindfulness Centered Therapies: an integrative approach and a contributor to the Hakomi Forum and Hakomi Mindfulness Centered Somatic Psychotherapy, a comprehensive guide to theory and practice. She has an ongoing counseling practice in Shoreline.

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