Carlos Ramirez Garcia

Profesor y Profesional Certificado
Bilbao, Euskal Herria, Spain

Carlos Ramirez

Hakomi Teacher and Practicioner, Bilbao, España
Asociado a Hakomi Spain

Carlos RamirezI am a Psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy (Europsy) with particular interests in Clinical Psychology and Body Psychotherapy. I am particularly interested in the role of the body and emotions in the psychotherapeutic processes. I have training as a masseur, osteopath, Psychology and in various psychotherapy models (cbt, psychodynamic, humanistic, psychodrama, systemic therapy etc..)

I have worked in various settings ranging from mental health hospital, to social services, child protection, intra familiar violence, since 2011 I work at where I support individual, groups and families on their processes to health, change and growth.

Hakomi Enlighted my personal and professional life and gives me a “path” to find joy and aliveness in the work we do in practice.

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