Ana Barea Murga

Arizkun, Navarra, Spain

Hakomi Practitioner
Arizkun, Navarra, Spain

My approach to Hakomi it’s been above all experiential. It healed my life and helped me feel comfortable into my own skin. Happy being who I am. It has amazingly enriched my work but most important, has made me a better human being, mother and wife.
I’ve been married for the last 25 years with the father of my three big boys and we make a big loving family in which three generations live now together. Although I’ve been teaching for ages, ten years ago we created XENDAN our center, where our main concern is to promote Health and support Human Growth and Consciousness.

I’m also co-founder and chairwoman in EGUZKILORE, association devoted for the last two decades to women´s development. I’m absolutely passionate about Nature, Art, Communication, Learning, Healing and Spirituality.

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