Online Meetings

People in the Hakomi Education Network are meeting online every day for training, projects, and connection.

Here are some of the tools we use.


Zoom is an online meeting tool similar to Skype.

We use it because it offers more features than Skype and has a better connection.

Two-person meetings are free. There is a monthly fee for group meetings, but it seems worth it, especially for trainers who are teaching remotely.


Doodle is an online scheduling tool that helps you book a time and date to meet with several people. It’s kind of like an voting or polling tool to help determine what time the most people are free.

The tool is free for basic functionality, which is probably all you’ll need.


Slack is free collaboration tool that helps you centralize conversations around a specific subject.

Hakomi has a Slack team with a variety of channels for each type of discussion. There are are channels for all sorts of projects and teams.

To join the Hakomi Slack team, create a Slack account and request to join the Hakomi group in Slack. Or you can contact Carlos Ramirez Garcia for more information.