Crop a Photo

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  1. Find the photo either in Media Library or in a project or page where the photo is inserted.
  2. Click Edit Image (the button below the picture) or Edit Original, depending on where you are.
  3. Crop the image into a square:
    1. Drag a square selection around the best part of the photo — the part you want to keep.
    2. Adjust the selection until it is square — meaning the Selection boxes on the right say the same number.
    3. Click the Crop button.
    4. Click Save.
  4. Scale the image:
    1. Click Edit Image (or Edit Original, depending on where you are).
    2. Type “180” in both of the boxes next to the Scale button.
    3. Click the Scale button.
  5. Click the X button in the upper right corner to close the window.