Add an “Upcoming Event”

Note: If you’d like to volunteer to help update this website, email us so that we can give you permissions and any training you might need.

The listings on the Upcoming Events page come from a Google Calendar. We add events to the Google Calendar and they are automatically “sucks in” to the website page. They are completely separate from the Featured Events, What’s New, and home page.

Before You Start

The ability to make changes on this website is separate from the ability to work on the calendar.

To add events to the calendar, we must first share the calendar with you. Please email us to ask for that.

How It Works

Here’s the settings you use in Google Calendar to make a event appear correctly on the Upcoming Events page.


Creating an Event

  1. Go to Google Calendar.
    Tip: If you are in currently in Gmail, in the upper right corner, click Google Apps GoogleApps button and select Calendar.
  2. Create the event in one of the following ways:
    • View the calendar by Month, navigate to the date, click the date once, and click Edit event.
    • View the calendar by Agenda, and click the Create button.
  3. When you have the event open, use the following settings:
Title Very short (2-4 words only) for the type of event.
Examples: “Hakomi Training”, “Hakomi Circles”, etc.
Do not include the location.
Time All day.
Do not set times because that is too much detail.
Where The City, not a specific address (because it’s too long). As you type, Google tries to find the place and you can select the city from the dropdown list. For example, Vancouver becomes “Vancouver, BC, Canada”.
Calendar This is relevant only if you already have your own personal Google Calendar.
Description The web address (URL) of the training organization, such as “”.