Add a Featured Event

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A featured event is one that appears with a large photo in the slider that is shown on the: home page and Featured Events page.

The slider can hold only six events at any given time. Therefore, we try to focus the slider on events that are in the next 1 to 5 weeks.

Each post that you make appears temporarily in the slider using a setting call “sticky”. But each post remains indefinitely on the What’s New page.

Step 1. Check that the Photo is the Right Size

Before you start, you must ensure:

  • You have a photo. It’s not possible to “feature” an event without a photo.
  • The photo is at least 750 px wide. The photo simply will not show up if it is less than 750px wide.
  • The photo is horizontally oriented (wider than it is tall). If it is a vertical photo, much of it will be cut off.

Tip: Several photos are already uploaded to WordPress. Search the images for a location such as “Powell River”, “London”, and so on.

Step 2. Create a “Post”

The way that you create a post depends where you are starting from.

  • If you are on the website and you are logged in to, look in the upper right corner, and click the New Post btnNewPost button.
  • If you are in the WP Admin are of, in the left navigation area, hover over Blog Posts, and click Add.
  • If the post already exists and you are trying to change it, in the left navigation pane, click Posts, and then find the post and click Edit.

Step 3. Add the Title

  • Enter a title using the following format:
    Format: MMM DD: Title in Location

    • “Nov 25-29: Training in London”
    • “Jun 11: Nourishing Communication in WA”

Tip: Try to keep the title short so that it doesn’t spill onto two lines in the What’s New and on the slider. This is sometimes unavoidable.

Step 4: Add the Body

  1. Add a link to specific website that offers the information.
    For example, “See”
  2. Add the photo under the event information.
  3. Add an attribution for the photo you used:
    1. Click the pencil on the photo to edit it.
    2. Type any text into the Caption field and close the dialog box. (It’s easier to edit the text directly in the body of the message.
    3. Copy and paste following paragraph into the caption, replacing the info with your photo’s details:

Dusk View of Downtown and West End from Kitsilano Beach – Vancouver, BC, Canada by Adam Jones licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0.

Tip: To find an attribution used in past posts, open the image in Media, and click the link to the post where the photo was Uploaded To.

Note: We should gradually replace all of our images with ones that have full attribution. Maybe we should create an Unpublished page where we store all the photos and their attributions for easy copy and paste?

For more information, see

Step 5. Add the Photo as a Featured Image

A featured event must have a photo that is added as a “featured image”.

The featured image setting is in different places in different editors.

Adding the photo from the “blue” editor:

  1. In the upper left pane, click Featured Image to expand the area below it.
  2. Click Set featured image, and follow the prompts.

Adding the photo in the WP Admin editor:

  1. In the lower right pane, click Set featured image.
  2. Follow the prompts.

Tip: You can also add the same photo inside the post, but this is extra work and not necessary.

Step 6. Make the Post “Sticky”

The essential setting that controls whether a post appears in the slider on the home page and Featured Events page is called “Sticky”.

The sticky setting is in different places in different editors.

Make a post sticky in in the “blue” editor:

  1. In the upper left pane, click Draft to expand the area below it.
  2. Select the button next to Stick to the front page.

Make a post sticky in the WP Admin editor:

  1. In the upper right pane, click the Edit link next to Visibility.
  2. Select the Stick this post to the front page check box.

Step 7. Publish and Test

  1. Click the Publish button. (If you already published it once, click Update.)
  2. Click the View Post link that appears after you publish and make sure the post looks right.
  3. Go to the home page and make sure the post appears in the slider.