How the HEN Website and Email are Maintained

Fernando Gomez, a Hakomi student in Canada and Spain, is the primary volunteer maintaining the HEN website and responding to the HEN email (

Fernando started volunteering for HEN in June 2016. Before that, the website was maintained by senior trainer Georgia Marvin and Salan Pazurik, a Hakomi student in Vancouver. Before that, the site was developed and maintained by Mark Gray.

A new “Website Crew” of HEN trainers and teachers offers guidance and inspiration about the HEN website. This group formed at the HEN meeting in Mexico in March 2016. It started with Carlos RamirezRob Bageant, and a few others, but has expanded to include a few dozen HEN members who communicate via Slack.

Your feedback is welcome. Please email us or use the #websitecrew channel of Slack. (For information about Slack, see the Online Meetings page.)