Certifications for Teachers and Trainers

Hakomi Education Network has training-related certifications at the following levels: teachers, trainers, and senior trainers.


A Hakomi Teacher has had experience teaching in small groups for at least two years, has shown leadership in small group situations in Hakomi trainings, is able to model being a skillful Hakomi client, and receives consistent and spontaneous feedback and appreciation from students, peers, and trainers in Hakomi training groups.

A Hakomi teacher is a certified Hakomi Practitioner, has a thorough knowledge of Hakomi exercises — especially the Level One exercises, is able to track small groups and respond appropriately, is well grounded in loving presence and state of mind practices and is clearly capable of creating safety for individuals and groups.

Hakomi Teachers in the Hakomi Network are recognized by at least two Hakomi trainers as competent assistants and teachers before being certified.


A Hakomi Trainer has spent at least two years with a senior trainer, assisting in the training of a large group.

A trainer requires excellent personhood and communication skills, organizational skills, outstanding leadership ability, and a wide range of teaching skills. A trainer models the Hakomi way and is able to manage the overall flow of a training including teaching and modeling the method, choosing and explaining appropriate exercises, and offering spontaneous as well as structured demonstrations of Hakomi.

Before leading a Hakomi training, new trainers are expected to work as part of a team of at least two trainers under the supervision of one or more senior trainers. Trainers also need to have worked with at least one senior trainer to gain experience in the supervision and certification process.

Senior Trainer

A Senior Trainer has co-led at least two complete trainings (Level One and Two) with one or more senior trainers and can initiate new trainings, with at least one other certified trainer as a co-leader. (In the case of very small groups, one senior trainer might lead a training with a certified teacher as co-leader and assistant.)

Senior trainers have a responsibility to communicate with the organizer, the training team, and the participants during a training.

Senior trainers are also responsible for the written material given to students and for providing appropriate between-session support.