I Am Very Rich

People wouldn’t imagine
when they see me,
that I am very rich.

I walk among, being
with people feeling
their pain and mine, Heartache, Joy
Despair, Kindness.

I experience Love in a glance,
with a child
sharing sweets at a busy train station.

I Am Very Rich
A man in a sports car stopped at the lights
and poked his tongue out at me,
I laughed out loud.

A homeless woman selling the Big Issue, telling me
her story of being born in County Cork Ireland, and her
Broken Back.

Being part of an Hakomi
Community where we
struggle, fall, stride
gently, skilfully feel
our way along this
path of being human.

These riches fill my
heart,soul and mind
I can touch the Stars
sit on the Moon and wriggle my toes.