The Practice of Loving Presence

The Practice of Loving Presence

Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin met in 1990. Ron and Donna began teaching together almost immediately and at around the same time, Ron had the inspiration for the practice of Loving Presence. It can be said that when the mind is quiet, the heart will do the work. Research has confirmed that the most significant predictor for a successful therapeutic outcome is the quality of the therapist’s relationship with the client. Ron recognized that the ideal state of mind for therapists – which can be cultivated with practice – was what he called “Loving Presence”. Not only did Ron recognize the power of this state of mind for therapists (as well as for anyone in any kind of significant relationship), but he was able to brilliantly articulate a sequence of stages to cultivate this way of being. It was Ron’s wish that the practice of Loving Presence be made available to as many people as possible. This is the immense contribution to the world that is the legacy of Ron Kurtz.

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