Jan 10: Release of The Art and Practice of Hakomi now on Hakomi.com


About this Film

This DVD is designed for Level II Hakomi Students, Hakomi Therapists, and Trainers. It communicates a way to learn and teach Hakomi as it was originally taught and demonstrated by Ron Kurtz in his Annotation Collection and other video examples. It also offers a way to give non-judgmental feedback for students about their session and a self-teaching practice for anyone who would like to improve their practice of Hakomi.

The Art and Practice of Hakomi introduces a way to experience and understand the deep work of Hakomi as the application of a specific set of processes and skills that Hakomi therapists use when leadership is called for in a session. This set of skills is based on the teachings of Ron Kurtz and includes tracking, contact statements, experimentation, regulation through the judicious use of comfort, touch and silence, as well as skills in evoking unconscious memories that underlie limiting patterns of behavior and unnecessary suffering. The Depth Dimension process turns this repertoire of processes and skills into a language, much like musical notation, and uses it to record and illuminate the flow of one of the Ron Kurtz Annotation sessions. The Depth Dimension process is a tool for understanding, learning and teaching Hakomi and can be easily modified to enhance any methods of psychotherapy or personal growth that is skill-based and therefore capable of being transmitted from teacher to student.

Published by Silver Birch Press for Seattle Hakomi Education Network in collaboration with Ron Kurtz Education Materials.

To order contact David Cole. Email: DepthDimension@gmail.com or visit the Ron Kurtz website store.