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    01 Privileges of VIP

    • Provide Super Certificates(Less Revokes)

      The VIP version can avoid revocation 99% of the time by using super certificates.

    • Download VIP Apps

      You can download all apps provided by Panda Helper, including VIP and free.

    • Get iSigner for free

      iSigner can (re)sign iOS apps and manage them.

    What is Panda Helper?

    Panda Helper app is a third-party App Store that provides apps you can not find on Apple's App Store. In addition to the official apps, some tweaks,mods, and hacked games, and other unofficial iOS and android apps are the most popular apps in Panda Helper. Moreover, as an app installer, Panda Helper provides various Game Tools, and you can use them to speed up games, record screens, or do other operations. You can think of the Panda Helper app as an alternative to the official iOS App store and Cydia for jailbreakers. Panda Helper app can run on iOS and Android APK. Enjoy yourself in Panda Helper!

    What is the Certificate?

    Apple issues the certificate. If the third-party apps, even hacked games, use the signing certificate, they can be installed on iPhone without going through Apple's App Store, and the iPhone does not need to jailbreak. Applying for certificates is expensive and requires sideloading technology to install apps authorized by those certificates. Panda Helper frees common certificates to users and charges VIPs for super certificates.

    Is Panda Helper Free?

    We provide Free Version and VIP Version. You can download the Free Version if you don’t want to purchase a VIP. You should know that the free version uses common certificates. If Apple revokes the common certificates, you need to wait until there are new common certificates before using them. You can also purchase a VIP to get super certificates, which are more stable than common certificates, and when super certificates are revoked, we will replace a new one as soon as possible.

    Is Panda Helper VIP Free? How to Get Panda Helper VIP for Free?

    You can join our Facebook Group. We will draw lucky users to get a free Panda Helper VIP experience.

    Panda Helper’s facebook group

    Is Panda Helper Safe?

    Yes, the Panda Helper app is entirely safe. While downloading and installing the Panda Helper app, you do not need to provide your Apple ID. Panda Helper app will not access and share any of your personal information. The apps you download from Panda Helper are uploaded after being reviewed by the Panda Helper team and confirmed to be safe and non-toxic, so you won't download any malware in the Panda Helper app that will harm your iPhone or Android phone.

    Can Panda Helper be Trusted?

    You can trust the Panda Helper app. Since its launch in 2018, Panda Helper has been operating stably as an app installer and has millions of users without any security problems. When you install the Panda Helper app, a jailbreak is unnecessary, and you don't need to provide AppleID. You need to install Panda Helper as you would a regular app and trust the Panda Helper's profile.

    What Service Does Panda Helper VIP Offer?

    Panda Helper VIP is only for iOS devices. You can get super certificates to download apps when you become a Panda Helper VIP. As a Panda Helper VIP member, you can use Game Tools such as Cheat Engine, App Cloner, Cloud Save, etc., to improve your gaming experience.

    How to Download and Install Panda Helper iOS Version

    1.Tap the iOS Download button to download Panda Helper.

    2.You need to choose Free Version or VIP Version, allowing a configuration profile.

    3.If you choose VIP Version, you must purchase and activate VIP. What VIP package is best for you?

    4.Tap Install on the next screen, and you will see the Panda Helper app on your home screen.

    More detail about Download Panda Helper iOS Version.

    How to Download and Install Panda Helper Android APK?

    1.Tap the Android Download button to download Panda Helper. When the website loads, tap on the Download option.

    2.If it comes up with the Install blocked, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option first to install third-party APK files on Android. Go to your Phone's Settings > Security, and you will see the Unknown Sources option. Enable Unknown Sources and tap on OK in the prompt message. Once done, you can install a third-party APK.

    3.After download Panda Helper android apk, click the apk file and install it.

    4.Finally, you can find the Panda Helper app on your screen.

    Note: If you use a PC, you can install Panda Helper Android on your PC by installing an Android emulator first.

    How to Download and Install Apps From Panda Helper?

    For users, installing third-party apps on your phone is difficult, so you need some third-party app store to help you finish the installation. There are many ways to download and install apps using Panda Helper.

    1.If you are searching for some apps and games you want, you can type the app's name + Panda Helper into the search engine (Google / Bing) and find the app. If there are some results, click to enter the page; the page has a download link; click the link to follow the instructions.

    2.If you have installed the Panda Helper app, launch it, search for the apps you need, and see if there are any results. Sometimes there is more than one result; click in and see the description of each result to see if the features provided are what you need. Panda Helper will help you to download iOS and APK files, and install them in your device.

    3.Or, if you want to download one of the apps we recommended in our blog or news, you can visit the page through the link in the article and follow the prompts to download and install the app.

    4.If you can’t find the apps and games you want, contact us:

    How to Delete Panda Helper?

    Deleting the Panda Helper app is as easy as deleting an ordinary app.

    Panda Helper iOS: Tap and hold the icon of the Panda Helper app on the phone screen, and then follow the prompt to Delete App to delete Panda Helper.

    Panda Helper Android APK: Tap and hold the icon of the Panda Helper app on the phone screen, and then follow the prompt to Delete App to delete Panda Helper.

    Use an android emulator to install Panda Helper Android APK: Open Android Emulator and find Panda Helper Android APK, uninstall it.

    Why isn't Panda Helper Working?

    There are many reasons why the Panda Helper app does not work. Visit Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

    The most popular apps are those:

    Apps are paid on the Apple's App Store and free to download on the Panda Helper.

    Hacked games and apps that have powerful hack features.

    Powerful tools to manage the system and files.

    The top hacked games by downloads are: Minecraft, Pokemon Go ++ by ipogo, Subway Surfers Hack, Coin Master Hack, Toca Life: World Hack, Last Day on Earth Hack, Dragon Ball Legends Hack, Candy Crush Hack, etc.

    The top modified apps by downloads are: Youtube ++, Instagram Rocket, Spotify ++, Whatsapp ++, Facebook ++, TikTok Unicorn, etc.

    Other questions.

    You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions to get more solutions.