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How to Get My Idle City Hack with Unlimited Gold on iPhone and iPad for Free

How to Get My Idle City Hack with Unlimited Gold on iPhone and iPad for Free

Construct a city as the same as you imagine. Expand your city limits, upgrade and expand the area. Build a great city that has ever seen in My Idle City. My Idle City is an idle game to build your dream city. When you close the app, the game will also continue to grow money as long as you construct buildings.
As you can see, there are two currencies to creat the city in My Idle City. One is cash, and the other is gold. Cash is for upgrading buildings, and golds are to expand areas. However, if you don’t have enough golds, you have to purcahase them by reality currencies.
Now My Idle City Hack can help you get golds for free. You don’t need to pay for it. My Idle City Hack is a hack version of My Idle City. It has the feature as above. When you spend some golds in this version, you will be able to get more. You spend more and get more. Therefore, don’t worry it will run out.

Can’t wait to enjoy it? Let’s see how to get My Idle City Hack with Unlimited Gold on iPhone and iPad for free!

How do you get My Idle City Hack with Unlimited Gold?

Step 1:

Download Panda Helper from Panda Helper official website with Safari.
For people no wanting Panda Helper App, use Panda Helper Web version to download My Idle City Hack.
If your devices are jailbroken, you can download Panda Helper Jailbroken Version to enjoy My Idle City Hack.

Step 2:

If you can’t open Panda Helper apps after intalling it, please go to your device main Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile that belongs to the Panda Helper app. (People using Panda Helper Jailbroken Version don’t need it.)

Step 3:

Launch Panda Helper, search for My Idle City Hack and then download it.

Step 4:

It will show a installaiton pop-up after it finishes downloading process. If you tap "Cancel" carelessly when installing notice coming up, please navigate to the main page of Panda Helepr and press here to install.

Step 5:

Enjoy My Idle City Hack after installing successfully´╝üRemember to spend some golds and then get more! Have fun!

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