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How to download the Pixel Car Racer Hacked version without jailbreak

What is Pixel Car Racer

Before learning how to download the Pixel Car Racer Hacked version, learn more about it first.

Pixel Car Racer is a popular mobile game combining auto racing and car customization elements.

In the game, players start with an essential car. And aim to enhance its performance through upgrades while competing in various races. The game features over 100+ cars and 1000+ parts that players can use to customize their cars’ performance and design.

Since it’s a street race game, you can compete in drag or street races to earn game currency, which can be used for buying new cars and parts. It also has an RPG-style engine tuning option. The cars in this game span a variety of years and make, from classic types to modern ones, making it an exciting mix for car enthusiasts.

How to download the Pixel Car Racer Hacked version

After learning what the game is. Some players may be confused about how we can download the Pixel Car Racer Hacked version. Then, let’s learn the tutorial together!

Download Pixel Car Racer Hack for free

First, we can open the Safari, then go to the Panda Helper official website to download the Panda Helper VIP.

Second, search and install the Pixel Car Racer Hack.

Pixel Car Racer hacked

Finally, enjoy it.

Hack Features: 

IAP FREE- Purchase an IAP, then tap on the ‘Cancel’ button to receive the in-app purchase.

Overall, we can download the Pixel Car Racer from Panda Helper with IAP FREE hack features.

Download Pixel Car Racer Mod APK without jailbreak

About the Pixel Car Racer Hacked version, we have learned to download Pixel Car Racer Hack for iOS devices. And here comes the Pixel Car Racer Mod APK downloading without jailbreak tutorial for Android players.

First, we can download Panda Helper’s official website to download Panda Helper Android.

Next, search and install Pixel Car Racer Mod.

Then, enjoy it on your Android devices.

Why do we play the Pixel Car Racer

A large part of why we play Pixel Car Racer is the highlights it attract players. Let’s learn more:

Retro-style Pixel Art:

Pixel Car Racer’s retro, 8-bit graphic design is reminiscent of classic video games. This gives the game a unique visual appeal and nostalgic charm.

Extensive Customization:

The game offers over 1000+ car parts and more than 100 vehicles from various years and makes. This allows players to customize and modify their vehicles as per their liking extensively.

Various Game Modes:

With both drag and street races available, players can challenge themselves and hone their skills in different racing scenarios.

RPG-Style Tuning:

Players can manually tune and adjust their vehicle’s engines, making the gameplay more immersive and detailed.

Cloud Saving:

The ability to save game data to the cloud means players can access their game progress from any device, which adds a lot of convenience.

Dyno Tuning:

The game offers a unique thrills of testing a car’s performance pre-race.

Livery Designer:

A feature for designing and decorating your car, allowing creativity in the game.

And there are some Pixel Car Racer unblocked sharing. We can learn more highlights from the Sharing with Pixel Car Racer unblocked and its similar games.


If you are interested in the game and want to know which car is the fastest in Pixel Car Racer. You can refer to The guide to explore the fastest car in Pixel Car Racer 2023. Then, let’s learn more FAQs about the game.

Pixel Car Racer FAQs

A: We can download its iOS and Android versions from Panda Helper.
A: While Pixel Car Racer can be played offline, to access some features such as cloud saving and updates, an internet connection is required.
A: Pixel Car Racer has a robust community of players that you can engage with on various online forums and social media platforms.
A: The primary way to earn in-game currency is through participation and success in races. Winning races will earn you more currency, which you can use on parts, upgrades and new cars. However, in the Pixel Car Racer Hack that download from Panda Helper. You can get the free currency you want by IAP FREE hack feature.

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