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    CarX Street Hack

    • Size: 3.11GB
    • Version: 1.1.1
    • Update: 2023-11-24
    Install by Panda Helper

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    CarX Street HackCarX Street HackCarX Street HackCarX Street Hack

    CarX Street Hack Description

    Hack Features:
    - Unlimited Gold
    - Unlimited Cash
    *To activate the unlimited currency: Go to Settings > Music > Change the two sliders

    CarX Street Hack Guide

    Content Summary


    CarX Street is a racing game with a real racing simulation experience. And CarX Street Hack is a hack version of CarX Street.

    CarX Street has various maps like other racing games, including crowded city streets, spiraling mountain roads, and charming coastal highways; you can experience the thrill of drifting and speed. Again, very different from other racing games, CarX Street has its unique charm.

    CarX Street Beta Review

    An open-world racing game

    CarX Street is the fifth game in the CarX series. The game focuses on open-world free-drift racing. The game style is a little like Need for Speed, and players can drive at will in the modern city. In the game, players can choose the mission mode, the purple point on the map, to get the mission. After completing the mission, you will get silver coins. Of course, players can also drive around the city at will without doing missions. The game has not only day and night changes but also weather changes, and it is wonderful to drive freely.

    Different from CarX Drift Racing 1/2

    As the fifth game of the series, even if it is the beta version, you can still see the improvement over the previous works.

    The first is the game graphic. Compared to the previous work, although the beta version of the game will occasionally lag, the game's graphic quality improves. As well as the entire interface is also excellent. The 3D real-time map can change according to the weather; the details of the screen have improved. The official version is worth expecting, which will be very eye-catching.

    Meanwhile, the driving experience is improved. The ground friction feeling of the game is between the CarX Drift Racing 1 and CarX Drift Racing 2. Unlike the CarX Drift Racing 2, the floor is too slippery; and unlike the CarX Drift Racing 1, the floor friction is too large. It balances the racing experience of CarX Drift Racing 1 with the drifting experience of CarX Drift Racing 2. In this game, pull the handbrake to drift without pulling it to grip the ground normally; it is difficult to drift using weight transfer with brakes.

    Much attention is paid to the styling shop and tuning system.

    tuning shop

    The styling shop will probably follow the CarX Drift Racing 2. The tuning system is a modular modification system with different parts to upgrade. Only when you buy the parts can you unlock the corresponding upgrade attributes. This mode is very friendly to newbies. And veteran players do not have to worry; it is predicted that the official version will launch more advanced custom tuning, similar to the CarX Drift Racing 2.

    In addition, I still can see a Honda car in the list of cars; CarX is not long to remember.

    Install the hack version to experience CarX Street in advance

    Currently, CarX Street is only available in the App Store Russian region. Players who want to experience it can only register their Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian Apple ID or download the CarX Street hack version. The hack version offers advanced features, but if players don't actively trigger these features in the settings, the hack version of CarX Street is the same as the original version. Therefore, for many players, downloading the CarX Street hack version on Panda Helper is a very good choice.

    Of course, the hack version offers a lot of silver and gold coins. So for newbies, they don't have to worry about making coins too slowly to have enough money for modifications, which greatly improves the gaming experience.

    Introduction of CarX Street Hack

    CarX Street is not very friendly to newbies regarding acquiring gold and silver coins. There is only one way to get gold and silver coins, and it takes a long time to harvest enough coins to modify the car. In the game, the initial amount is 300 silver coins and 0 gold coins, but the cheapest car in the game costs 8400 silver coins. At the same time, you need to refuel in the game, and refueling also needs silver coins to buy. The function of the hack version is mainly to increase the value of silver and gold, so players no longer need to worry about not having enough gold to modify the car.

    complete the mission to get silver

    CarX Street Hack Feature

    • Unlimited Gold
    • Unlimited Cash

    How to Active the Unlimited Currency?

    The functions of the hack version require active activation by the player. That is to say, if the player does nothing, the running hack version is the same as the original version.

    The way to activate the hack functions: Setting -- Sound

    Slide the music volume to modify the value of silver coins.

    Slide the interface volume to modify the value of gold coins.

    activate hack functions

    CarX Street Hack Download

    Download CarX Street Hack iOS Verison

    You can click the download link below or search for the game in Panda Helper.

    If you haven't installed Panda Helper yet, you must install one first. How to install Panda Helper?

    After installing, launch Panda Helper, and search for CarX Street Hack. If you search for more than one result, click in and see each result's updated date and description.

    By CarX keyword, you will search for other games in the CarX series on Panda Helper; both Android and iOS versions are available.

    Something about the CarX Street Android Version

    Currently, the beta version is unavailable on the Android platform, so Android users can't experience the beta version for the time being. Of course, you can install the iPhone virtual machine on your Android phone to experience it. But the experience of using a virtual machine is very poor for racing games. So it is recommended that Android users should wait for the official version.

    CarX Street Release Date

    CarX Street is now available on Apple's App Store, and it is planned to release on Steam on 15 Dec 2022.

    Although players can see pictures of CarX Street Android from their Facebook, the release of the Android version is still delayed. The official information given is that:

    AppStore and Play Market digital stores have very strong restrictions on the application size submitted to the store.So our most important tasks right now is to keep the content and graphics of the CarX Street world and meet the requirements of Play Market.

    Moreover, some of you may remember that we are also working on a new location - Mount district. New location also needs to be implemented correctly and optimized for mobile devices. It takes time, too.

    Speaking of optimization - we still see a lot of room for improvement of the game’s performance on Android devices.

    The game does not yet support the Android version; you can only play it on your Android phone via a virtual machine. But virtual machines are slow, and racing games are not very suitable for playing with virtual machines.


    Are there any other fun games in the CarX series?

    As of press date, CarX Technologies Game Chronicles is:

    2014 CarX Drift Racing iOS, Android, Windows, Console Platform
    2017 CarX Highway Racing iOS, Android
    2018 CarX Drift Racing 2 iOS, Android
    2020 CarX Rally iOS, Android
    2022 CarX Street iOS

    How to download CarX Street Android?

    The CarX Street beta version is unavailable on the Android platform. And the release of the Android version is still delayed. So players can't download CarX Street Android anywhere.

    Are there any other racing games in Panda Helper?

    You can find Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Real Racing 3, CSR Racing, etc., in Panda Helper.


    CarX Street is a very anticipated racing game; players who like racing and drifting must not miss it. Panda Helper will also keep an eye on the progress of the launch date of the CarX Street Android version. We will be the first to provide the installation package to players.

    CarX Street Hack Information

    Name CarX Street Hack

    Category Games

    Developer CarX Technologies

    Version 1.1.1

    Update 2023-11-24

    Languages English, Chinese

    Size 3.11GB

    Compatibility Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Other Original Version

    CarX Street Hack Screenshot

    CarX Street HackCarX Street HackCarX Street HackCarX Street Hack



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